Meet Tasty Nades


So you are curious about the history of the Great Tasty Nades? Well, here is the quick low down. Every morning I wake up, I look in the mirror and think “What a failure.” Then, I proceed to grab a beer out of the fridge, fire up my laptop, and hit up the good ol’ hub. Just kidding…

Anyway, for my primary job, I am currently employed with a software development company as their QA Lead. I do a little bit of everything ranging from product management to functional testing to business analysis. In addition, I am the Co-Founder and Head Janitor of BlueBallReviews. I have a passion for technology, learning new things, growing myself as well as my career, sarcasm, and ja… other extra-curricular activities.

Unfortunately, I do not have a 4-year Bachelor’s degree, but I was able to succeed in life and get my career started through hard work and a 2-year technical degree. I believe if you are relentless, work hard, and pursue your dreams, then you can do anything you want to do.

What do I do in my free time? Well, I am sure by now you can guess at least one (see last sentence in a previous paragraph). Besides that, I enjoy playing basketball, studying philosophy, watching the NFL (go Eagles!), and playing video games.

Why did I decide to start up BlueBallReviews? As all good gamers know, before buying any game, we always do two things. One – Play the demo. Two – look up the review for it. Well, the problem lies in the second step. It seems that every game review site is the same. Are they insightful? Sure. Are they fun, exciting, and insightful? I think not. BlueBallReviews is my dream to bring an interactive experience to the gaming community while simultaneously providing fun, exciting, insightful, and comical reviews.

Well, that is me in a nutshell. Now, get out there and read/comment on some reviews! Time for me to get back to the hub…