Meet Big White Angus


An all-natural, grain fed, 100% certified amazing American machine of a specimen, destroying the ozone one methane-filled pocket of flatulence at a time. Grazing the virtual plains of countless pixelated worlds and feasting upon the fields of n00bs. I’ve lived a thousand lives, and died a million more. An explorer. A conqueror. A hedgehog. A soldier. An adventurer. A fighter. A plumber. A pirate. A vigilante. I’ve been it all and more.

As a child with unbounding imagination, I quickly latched on to video games as a method to exercise my mind. I began playing video games shortly after learning to walk. Admittedly, my skills at that time were underdeveloped. I was exactly what I destroy today… I was a n00b. However, the more that I played video games, the more that I began to understand them. I could see how games work and how they were designed. Game mechanics were now something that I saw everywhere, including in the non-virtual world. My thirst for better, harder games grew exponentially and gaming began to set in for what would be a lifelong hobby (or obsession).

From Atari…. to Nintendo…. to Sega…. to Microsoft and Sony, I’ve played them all. Consoles, handhelds, PC’s and more have succumbed to my gaming prowess. My first taste with online consoles came with the Sega Dreamcast. It could only connect via dial-up (those were the days!). There were no microphones to talk smack. Your only alternative was a keyboard that plugged into a controller slot, so you had to set your controller down and feverously type hate onto the screen before getting dunked on by the opponent. Although the Dreamcast died, my love for online gaming only grew stronger.

When I am not bashing buttons, you can find me writing code. I am a computer programmer who specializes in .NET and SQL, currently on the path to fulfill a childhood dream to create my own video games. I am constantly working on expanding my talents to further reaches of the programming world, and hope to one day achieve that goal.

BlueBall Reviews was founded because of our passion and obsession for great games. I have been a gamer my entire life. I believe that the best reviews come from REAL gamers. The people who play because they love it… because they live FOR it… not because they get paid for it. I wouldn’t want to buy a crappy game, so I wouldn’t want you to either. We are here to give fair unbiased opinions that you can trust. We are here because we love video games and we are excited to see what the future holds.

So keep gaming! Let’s play!