About Us


You’ve just purchased a brand new video game. You can hardly wait to get home and stick the fresh disc in your console. As you arrive, you rush inside and intensely rip off the shrink wrap. You pop the disc out of the case and slide it into your console. The smile on your face stretches as far as the horizon when you see the loading screen. This is it. This is the moment you’ve been waiting months for, and the moment has finally arrived. However, as you begin to play, the game is not what you imagined. The warm emotions that once filled your body have been turned dark. Shock… Disappointment… Regret… Pure unwavering anger… All of these begin to set in and you realize that you have become a victim of good advertising. Lesson learned: Games are not always as they are made to appear – much like the people you pick up at bars.

Don’t let this happen to you. Don’t be like a bar victim. BlueBall Reviews was founded BY gamers FOR gamers. Here at BBR, we have a lifelong passion for video games and strive to provide brutally honest reviews and opinions. We are not swayed by gaming companies, biased with behind the scenes corporate payoffs, and we are not afraid to put a highly advertised game into the proverbial pit of despair. Is a game worth buying or renting? Is a game a heaping, steaming pile of farm manure? BBR will let you know. We don’t care who developed it, who published it, or any other factors. Don’t agree with us? Let us know in the comments, we are always glad to hear the thoughts of our readers and trade opinions (at your own risk).

With over 50 years of collective gaming experience, we consider ourselves to be true gamers. Our experience dates back to the glorious days of the Atari and includes every console to date. Stretching from PC to consoles to handhelds, we know a thing or two about video games. To learn about our founders, click on the links below to read more. We are the infamous tag team of Tasty Nades and Big White Angus. Let the games begin.